Web design and development for Fumigaciones Integrales

Website creation and digital marketing

Comprehensive Fumigations

Website implementation and digital communication campaigns, SEO consulting.


Project features

Thanks to the collaboration with the company's staff, it has been possible to implement various methodologies and tools through digital consulting and the intervention of the process of communication and monitoring of prospects.

Web design and development

Starting from the previous website, the design proposal was worked on in order to improve the company's online presence.

Marketing funnel

A workshop was held in conjunction with company staff where the communication process with prospects was mapped and optimized by implementing various communication channels.

As a result, it was possible to increase the customer retention rate as well as increase the number of conversions and sales closings.

Navigation flow optimization

Various tools were implemented for the analysis of the flow of users on the website in order to find areas for improvement in the process of buying and consuming information.

Navigation flow
Reduced the number of steps to request a quote

Contact forms
Integration of contact methods focused on improving the follow-up of prospects.

Content hierarchy
It was determined which content had the most value for users and was prioritized at the top.

screenshot with heatmap in comprehensive fumigation project login session
screenshot with heat map in comprehensive fumigation project pest section
screenshot with heat map in comprehensive fumigation project

The hot spots are displayed that indicate where users' attention is focused.
The solution resulted in a redesign in the information architecture and prioritization of the most relevant information, meet the website

SEO positioning strategy

The project is optimized with a focus on organic positioning in search engines as a long-term sustainable strategy through various strategies.




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Keyword and position in Google organic search results.

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