Digital integration for agro-industrial laboratory

Digital integration

Labsa Laboratory

Website implementation and digital communication campaigns, SEO consulting.


Project features

The initial objective was to create the digital presence of the business located in La Piedad Michoacán, with the aim of increasing the geographic scope of the business.

Starting from the design and structuring of the contents, it was possible to create a page with various sections whose content has been adapted according to the communication needs of the company

Web design and development

In the absence of the company in digital media, it began with the creation of its own website.

Marketing funnel

Through the promotion in digital channels, it was possible in the short term to consolidate the presence of the brand in the nearby area of ​​influence, thus increasing its reach at the national level.

Web design process

Through collaboration with the laboratory team, a workshop was held where the aspects necessary to communicate the project were analyzed.

Navigation flow
A horizontal structure was proposed combining the main points of the business.

Content development
The information of the services was compiled in various sections in this way it was possible to order and rank the most remarkable.

laboratory website
secondary section laboratory website
digital marketing agency client lab page

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