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What is search engine marketing?

The SEM for its acronym in English (Search engine marketing) or search engine marketing has established itself as one of the best marketing tactics to obtain results quickly and accurately, targeting keywords in the search results or banners of ads and remarketing on affiliate websites.


Search Ads

Search ads are those that appear according to a specific keyword or search term that your potential customers use.

Display Ads

Display ads are targeted according to a geodemographic segmentation or according to the categories for your audience on affiliate websites.

Remarketing Ads

That ad that chases you and reminds you that you visited or will look for a product or service is a configuration of remarketing campaigns in google

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How do keywords work?

It consists of segmenting according to the user's search intention. In other words, when a person searches for a product or services in Google, he writes something like " Locksmith in Guadalajara " or " Hernia surgery ", it is at this point where the words are configured according to the products and services of your business.

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