Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Analysis and optimization

Conversion rate optimization is one of the most sustainable digital marketing strategies with results in the short and medium term

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

The data does not lie! That is why we implement various tools for the measurement and collection of digital data.

What is optimization (CRO)

The optimization of the conversion rate or percentage is one of the digital marketing strategies that is implemented as a complement to digital communication actions, the term, although little known, is one of the most sustainable strategies and with visible results in the short and medium to optimize the results of your website or online store.

The conversion percentage is obtained with the following formula

Conversion rate = (Number of conversions / visitors)

You define the conversion although it is generally defined as sales, registrations, quotes, downloads, etc.
In this way, the conversion objective to improve is defined.

What is optimization?

The conversion rate consists of improving the results with the resources that are already available, that is, it is not necessary to bring more visitors to the website or increase the advertising budget, this is achieved by improving the experience or accessibility to the website or content.

Example 1
In a marketing strategy where you seek to increase the number of visits to the website, the cost of SEM optimization or advertising pattern usually increases and with which more conversions are obtained.

conversion rate optimization 1000 visits
conversion rate optimization 2000 visits

Example 2
An optimization strategy seeks to improve results without increasing advertising budget or web traffic, in a scenario where your website receives 1000 organic visits and the conversion percentage is 10% and increases to 20%, better results are obtained by reducing costs.

conversion rate optimization 10%
Optimización CRO

Ways to improve conversion on your website

The conversion optimization strategy begins by defining the conversion percentage as well as a thorough analysis of the elements related to the experience of use on the website or sales channel , in order to make the necessary adjustments to improve results.


By integrating tools that allow us to know the flow of users on the website, as well as the areas where they are interested, it allows us to find the tasks to improve and test the hypothesis through an A / B test

Heatmaps, Scroll maps, or links maps, are a source of data in addition to drawer tools such as google analytics, search console, among others.

A / B Testing

The A / B test consists of developing 2 or more versions of a view either of a page, email, message or image which measures the conversion percentage of each cradle, by integrating various measurement tools.

The objective of this is to optimize ad campaigns in google ads or social networks as well as for landing pages and other tools.

Performance and layout

Analyzing the performance of a web page as well as the structure in the layout is another area that is generally adjusted to improve results.

Content optimization

In addition to the internal factors in the website the sales channel, the external factors such as the message of a campaign or the static content of a web page needs to be tested in order to know which is the most accurate.

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