10 BEST Podcasts for Russian Students of ALL Levels


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From beginner to advanced, choose your course and hone your skills. Davai!


1. Fluent

this Podcast offers an ideal introduction for first-time speakers. In the numerous episodes of the podcast, the teacher Alice Val reads simple texts on various topics in English with interjections in Russian words. At the end of each podcast, a student learns many words that Russians often use in real-life conversations. The teacher’s pace is slow and repetitive, which makes this podcast ideal for absolute beginners.

2. One minute of Russian

The authors of this Podcast promise to teach students the basics of the Russian language with “short, easy-to-understand video lessons”. The course covers a variety of topics from greetings to an introduction to counting, etc. Although less thorough than the Fluentli podcast, it is still able to teach the basics to a person who has never learned Russian before . If Fluentli or other podcasts seem too time-consuming, One Minute Russian offers a suitable short alternative.

3. Russian made easy

this Podcast consists of 30 episodes that introduce language learners to the basics of the Russian language. The authors use pattern recognition and contextual learning techniques to teach the language. Each episode is transcribed and available in PDF format. As a bonus, each episode also comes with downloadable exercises.

In between

4. Slow Russian

this Podcast is excellent for reporting on Russia-related issues. Life in the USSR, Russian ballet, Russian writers, cartoons, cities and Victory Day – whatever. The Slow Russian Podcast seems to have it all covered. Each episode also includes a transcript in Russian and English.

5. The value of the word

The author of it Podcast, made available to you by the Moscow Times, delves deeper into topics of varying interest. During the whole follow, Presenter, journalist and interpreter Michele Berdy provides insights into different aspects of professional and private life in Russia, from her experience as a simultaneous interpreter to phrases describing different stages of alcohol intoxication in Russian. The language of some episodes seems complicated enough for intermediate level users, but interjections in Russian are often too short to place the podcast in upper intermediate level.

6. Russian with max

This excellent Podcast offers all sorts of topics, from the recent State Duma elections to travel within Russia to the Covid-19 vaccination in the country. The podcast host goes into great detail but does so in slow and easy-to-understand Russian. This gives the audience the opportunity to discover complex Russia-related topics without having to worry about getting lost in unfamiliar vocabulary.

7. Russian podcast

The host of this Podcast resorts to teaching Russian in Russian only. English is not used here to make the learning process easier. However, your Russian is slow and easy to understand. The selection of topics is really extensive with a total of over 300 episodes.


8. Comrade Foreigner

this Podcast includes a number of Job interviews with non-Russian native speakers from a native Russian speaker on all sorts of topics, from why foreigners learn Russian to their vaccination experiences in the country. Some episodes contain very unusual themes, such as’Foreigners and a Russian prison‘. Advanced knowledge of Russian may be required to fully understand the rich content.

9. A lot of Russian

Once the basics of the language are learned, it may be time to hone your skills in using idioms, rarely used phrases, and slang so that your language sounds distinctly Russian. The very much Russian Podcast does just that: it goes into countless words and phrases that you won’t find in your typical Russian textbook.

10. Like Pushkin

the author of this Podcast claims that her listeners will “build speech muscles” in no time. She deliberately dispenses with rules and explanations and immediately jumps into monologues on different topics. The podcast is available on all major platforms and you can also click the creator. support Patreon.

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