A Holographic Story of the Pokémon TCG: Shining Pokémon



Over the years the Pokémon trading card game has used many different patterns on their holographic cards. Some patterns lasted for years, while others only had short stints, making them hallmarks for their short time in the franchise. In this next issue of A Holographic History of the Pokémon trading card gameLet’s take a look at a card style that was released just a few months ago: Shiny Pokémon.

Pokémon trading card game Radiant Eevee. Credit: Theo Dwyer

When Radiant Pokémon first debuted in Japan, they were translated as Sparkling Pokémon. They are very similar to the shiny Pokémon cards released in Neo era far back in the day. As with Shining Pokémon, the actual figure of the Pokémon itself has a textured foil rather than the background of the artwork. However, what is different and unique to Radiant cards is that the actual body of the card with text is foil and has an inverted holo geometric pattern that also moves through the actual Pokemon.

Radiant cards have arrived in the English language set Sword & Shield – Astral Radiance for the first time. They could be dragged into the reverse holo slot, causing both Pokemon to become Radiant and The hits of the trainer gallery can be found in this slot. Since her arrival in Sword & Shield – Astral RadianceRadiant cards have appeared in SWSH Black Star Promos (Eevee) and in the special Pokemon GO Set (Charizard, Venusaur, Blastoise). This card type will also appear in the next set, Sword & Shield – Lost Originand the last expansion of the year, Sword & Shield – Silver Tempest.

Radiant Pokémon TCG Gardevoir.  Credit: Theo Dwyer
Pokémon trading card game Radiant Gardevoir. Credit: Theo Dwyer

One thing about these cards is that half of them seem to have intricate and beautifully illustrated backgrounds, while others contain what appear to be simple color patterns. The fully illustrated cards like Radiant Eevee and Radiant Greninja are far more interesting to me and on par with Shining Pokemon, while the color patterned ones end up underwhelming.

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