A meeting of the Indian DISCOM community for mutual exchange of experience in network modernization and formulation of a suitable roadmap in order to use the advantages of the GoI’s RDSS program


A well-functioning electricity infrastructure is the backbone of a modern economy. The availability of reliable and high quality power supply around the clock at affordable prices is the key to a country’s economic development.

Distribution network modernization in India began in 2002 with APDRP, followed by programs such as R-APDRP, IPDS, DDUGJY, UDAY and SAUBHAGYA. India has achieved universal electricity access by connecting ~ 27 million households in 18 months between 2017 and 2018 under the Saubhagya program.

This was the world’s largest expansion of the power grid in such a short time in the history of electrification. DISCOMs need to focus on improving their operational efficiency and financial sustainability; and improve customer service to meet the expectations of 21st century digital customers. To achieve these goals, the Ministry of Power, GoI, launched the revised Reform-Based and Results-Based Distribution Sector Program (RDSS) to help DISCOMs carry out multiple reforms and time-bound performance improvements for a total of Rs 3.06 trillion ( ~ $ 40.8 billion).

Since its inception in 2011, he has led the digitalization movement for utilities in India and has taken various initiatives to promote it. ISGF has been organizing the Distribution Utility Meet (DUM) since 2017. All previous editions of the DUM have been a great success, drawing the attention and participation of the majority of distribution companies in India. Leading utilities from the USA, Canada and Europe also attended the DUM and shared their experiences in implementing new and emerging technologies for grid modernization and energy transition.

ISGF is proud to announce the fifth edition of the annual power distribution company conference on the digital platform, scheduled for November 18-19, 2021.

DUM 2021 will offer the DISCOM community a unique platform to exchange their experiences in network modernization and to formulate a suitable roadmap to take advantage of the GoI’s RDSS program. As the world struggles to cope with the “new normal and preparation for the next normal,” it is imperative that utilities not make the same mistakes but learn from each other’s experiences and global know-how and Bringing experience to India.

The core topics of DUM 2021 are planned around the revised reform-based and results-oriented distribution sector scheme (RDSS); Integration of RE and EV in distribution networks; Distribution network reinforcement for 24×7 power supply; End customer competition envisaged in the amendment to the Electricity Act – Effects on DISCOMs; Digitization timetables for DISCOMs; Disruptive Technologies for DISCOMs – AI, ML, Robotics, Blockchain, AR and VR; 250 million smart meters – DISCOM’s preparation and rollout challenges; Utility integration – utility companies for electricity and town gas.

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