Aaron Taylor Johnson | Brad Pitt: Bullet Train actor Aaron Taylor-Johns and Brad Pitt share a common trait. Find out here

English actor
Aaron Taylor Johnson was recently awarded the Excellence Award Davide Campari 2022
75th Locarno Film Festival. At the event is the
32 years old star talked about his latest film, Bullet Train.

Speaking to the media at the festival, Aaron Taylor-Johnson praised his ‘Bullet Train’ co-star Brad Pitt, calling him a kind and humble man. He believes Brad Pitt is entering a new chapter in his life.

Taylor-Johnson elaborated further, saying he wishes to bring joy and light to the world and to be with those who are here to have a good time.

When asked about a trait the co-stars have in common, the King’s Man actor said that while they work with multiple actors, they add names to the “actors I no longer work with” list.

He spilled the beans on fellow actor Brad Pitt and said he had that list too; He’s got a good list and a ‘s**t’ list.

We’re curious and can’t resist analyzing who makes Brad Pitt’s list of actors he’ll never work with again. Brad Pitt is certainly having a good time at 58 with great movies, famous filmmakers and studios and has a huge fan base worldwide. With info on his S*T list, it seems the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor takes extra care not only in his film choices but in his co-star choices as well.

Bullet Train released this week, garnering huge box office numbers and critical acclaim.

Based on Kotaro Isaka’s famous Japanese comedy-thriller Maria Beetle, the action-comedy stars Brad Pitt as Ladybug, an unfortunate but skilled assassin.

In contrast, Aaron Taylor-Johnson plays Tangerine, Brian Tyree Henry’s Lemon’s assassin brother.

In addition to quirky roles in the epic action film, Joey-King plays assassin The Prince, Bad Bunny plays assassin The Wolf, and Sandra Bullock plays the character Maria Beetle, Ladybug’s trainer.

Japan is testing the world’s fastest bullet train

  • In action

to be operational in 2020

The ALFA-X marks a new growth phase for the Shinkansen and propels the world-famous bullet train even faster into the future.

Its testing debut comes as Japan’s new high-speed Shinkansen N700S resumes testing that began just over a year ago.

This model will enter service in 2020, but its top speed of 300 km/h – the same as other trains in the N700 series – is easily surpassed by the ALFA-X.

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