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Kottayam: Two people with the same name and age. Both met in a hospital when they arrived to donate kidneys for their loved ones. Their meeting became curious again when they had to undergo surgery to donate their left kidney that same day.

The very rare incident happened on March 6 at Mar Sleeva Medicity in Pala.

Idukki native NS Santhosh had donated his kidney for his wife Sandhya, 36, who had been undergoing treatment for six years. She has survived on dialysis for the past four years. Although doctors recommended surgery years ago, the family could not raise any money from Santhosh’s meager income, who works labourers. However, their children, Arjun and Anjana, had posted a video on Facebook describing their mother’s illness and soliciting financial help from the benevolent hearts. So the family received over Rs 10,000 from the people who reacted by watching the video. Local people also provided financial support to Santhosh’s family. The doctors had assured him that he would be able to continue his work after a kidney donation. He said that he is now more confident and happier.

Prime Minister Santhosh, who is from Poonjar, was an employee of a fire department of a private company in Bengaluru. Seven years ago, his brother Biju (49) was diagnosed with kidney disease. When Santhosh heard that Biju’s kidney was to be replaced, he came to his house by quitting his job. He spent his income and sought support from the local people to carry out his brother’s surgery. Santhosh is a bachelor and when asked if organ donation would affect marriage prospects, he replied that “marriage is not the most important thing in life”.

Both of the donors’ kidneys were harvested through keyhole surgery. You are perfectly fine now and have stopped taking any medication. The duo, who met during treatment, are delighted that they were able to successfully complete the surgeries.


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