Actor Suresh Gopi’s brother booked Sunil Gopi


Coimbatore: Police from the District Criminal Investigation Bureau arrested Sunil Gopi, 55, brother of Rajya Sabha MP actor Suresh Gopi on Monday on charges of property fraud. He was arrested over the complaint by Coimbatore businessman Giridaran. In addition to Sunil, two other people named Reena and Sivadas are named as defendants in the case.

According to the case, the trio were booked for cheating Rs 97 lakh in a property deal.

Sunil had bought 4.52 acres of land from Mayil Swami here in Navakkara. The court later ruled the property sale invalid in a civil case. However, Sunil hid this fact and sold the property to Giridaran after receiving Rs.97 lakh as an upfront payment and completed the registration on November 24, 2021.

The other two defendants collected the money for Sunil. Giridaran later found that a civil case was pending in court in connection with the land. He soon approached Sunil and demanded that his money be returned. When Sunil did not respond, he lodged a complaint with the Coimbatore police.

In the midst of this, Sunil Gopi attempted to defraud the police by transferring the money to the other two defendants’ bank accounts. Police then took him into custody in Kozhikode on Saturday and recorded his arrest on Sunday.


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