Alexandra Ma became the breaking news editor for The Post’s London hub



Announcement by Foreign Editor Douglas Jehl, Interim Foreign Editor Susan Levine and London Hub Editor Sara Sorcher:

We are delighted to announce that Alexandra Ma has joined The Post as Breaking News Editor at our London hub.

Alex will be part of a fast-growing team covering the most pressing and interesting stories to come to light around the world during the European day. The London hub is part of a 24/7 relay that transitions responsibilities from Seoul to London to Washington to deliver timely, high-quality coverage 24 hours a day to our global audience.

These breaking news hubs have become a staple of The Post’s newsroom since their launch a year ago. Alex joins us as part of an expansion that will see the Seoul and London operations grow 40 percent this year to 14 full-time employees in each location.

Alex is currently Senior News Editor at Insider Inc., leading the London office’s breaking news team and serving as a liaison at handoff meetings with the publication’s New York editor-in-chief. During her five years at Insider, she also worked as a reporter specializing in breaking news, geopolitical analysis and China.

Alex began her career as an editorial staffer for HuffPost in New York. She is a graduate of Georgetown University with a BS in Foreign Service and City, University of London with an MA in Interactive Journalism. In addition to English, she speaks Cantonese as her mother tongue and is fluent in both French and Mandarin.

Alex will start working at the London hub on September 26th.


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