Anger over ‘terrible’ parking problem


Contractors’ vehicles cause damage to grass berms in Pakuranga. Time photo Wayne Martin

Previously plush green grass berms on two streets in east Auckland have been turned to mud as workers from a nearby construction project drove over them and parked on them.

A woman who lives in Snell Place, Pakuranga, said so Times of their frustration with the actions of the workers involved in construction at Edgewater Village on nearby Edgewater Drive.

Numerous residents in front of properties in the two streets are badly damaged and have lost a large part of their grass, so that they are now only mud.

The resident, who does not want to be identified, describes the parking problem as “terrible”.

She says she made numerous calls to the Auckland council about the problem and also called the council on behalf of non-native English-speaking neighbors.

Orange cones have since been placed halfway up either side of Snell Place, and there are also cones along Edgewater Drive.

“Many vehicles have been issued for illegal parking near driveways where many neighbors could not leave their driveways, including mine,” she says.

“I had to call the police twice because a neighbor and a building contractor were arguing and a building contractor’s car was parked aggressively on my rental property.

“After work, especially on Fridays, contractors have teamed up in the past to spend hours drinking to music in the park.”

The resident says the biggest problem is on a nearby street corner, where she suddenly had to brake in her vehicle due to a lack of visibility from parked vehicles.

Another woman who moved from Snell Place earlier this year says the problem was bad enough when she left, “but now it’s a nightmare for residents with what looks like a new group of contractors, that line the streets and block traffic ”.

She says Metlifecare, owned by Edgewater Village, should have contacted local residents about the work being done.

“There doesn’t seem to be any on-site parking.

“We all know that parking is a huge problem for their workers, but those who live in Snell Place have not asked for such a large structure and are simply expected to live with it.”

Metlifecare’s chief executive Earl Gasparich said the company is aware of the disruption to local residents as a result of construction at Edgewater Village.

“Throughout the project, we worked with our contractors as quickly as possible to resolve the issues raised.

“This also includes damaged grass on neighboring berms that we have replanted.

“The development in Edgewater Village is significant and when completed will offer many modern, attractive new homes and a care center for residents.

“Unfortunately, a construction project of this size causes inconvenience and we apologize for the impact it has on the local community.”

Auckland Transport spokeswoman Natalie Polley says about 20 Edgewater Drive and Snell Place violations have been posted this year, but none as of late June.

“The violations ranged from parking on broken yellow lines, parking on the sidewalk and being too close to driveways.”


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