CBSE 10th English exam full of mistakes, misspellings, attentive teachers


The CBSE grade 10 English exam had errors, students and experts claim. While some questions had no options, just the question, others had a question but no options. Students had to mark the correct answer option, which they found difficult with the mistakes, experts claim. There were also many misspellings in the question paper

“The main mistake in the paper was No. 13 and Question 14 because there were no questions, just options,” says Deepti Sawhney, Dean of Innovation at Silverline Prestige School, Ghaziabad.

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Because of the mistakes, teachers believe that students may be confused and may get low scores because of the confusion. “Incomplete questions and confusion in making choices marked the beginning of the exam. Overall, the paper was difficult as the options given were very narrow. According to student feedback, the work was long and difficult, “said Anshu Arora, director of Amity International School, Sector 43 Gurugram

“The students were drawn to questions 13 and 14, where they were given options but not questions. Simple words like “SHOULD” were misspelled in the newspapers, to the horror of teachers. In Q41, two wrong options were reversed, “said Roma Suri, English Department, Shiv Nadar School, Noida.

“There were convenient six questions that could have multiple correct options because they were perceptual. A mature person versus a young student would definitely be looking for several different options. An English piece of paper is supposed to boost a student’s morale, but a 24-sheet piece of paper can be a troubling experience for anyone, least of all a student, “she added.

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Even at the 12th grade psychology exam held today, CBSE missed giving answer options for questions 57 and 59, said Vasudha Chopra, Psychology Department, Shiv Nadar School, Noida.

CBSE Grade 10 and 12 Term 1 Board Exams are held in the MCQ-based format. This is the first time CBSE has held exams in this format. The Chamber had previously admitted that errors in the examination could not be ruled out, but the Chamber assured that complaints would be properly resolved.

“Although the board takes every possible care, it can still lead to ambiguities in questions or discrepancies in the answer codes,” confirms the board in an earlier statement. “The board of directors has a well-established system for addressing such problems. Therefore, it is advised that the evaluators can review / rate the OMRs according to the response keys provided to them, ”the Board said.

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