Commissioner Beth Niedermeyer is retiring


Noblesville Schools superintendent Beth Niedermeyer will be retiring on June 30, 2022, the district announced earlier this month. She has headed the district since 2014.

At a school committee meeting on December 21, hours after the announcement, CEO Joe Forgey praised Niedermeyer for her leadership and the influence she had on countless students.

“She’s done all good here in Noblesville,” he said. “We had a good run here with Beth for many years.”

Forgey said the board will work with a superintendent search firm to identify the next top leader to be named for the district of approximately 10,500 students the new superintendent this spring.

Noblesville will start looking in earnest in early 2022, and the spring semester is often the busiest time of year to find superintendents. Neighboring boroughs Hamilton Southeastern and Westfield Washington Superintendent searches conducted largely at the beginning of 2021, in the spring of this year, new managers will be appointed.

“Noblesville Schools is one of the best counties in the state and we are confident that we will find another strong leader to continue our tradition of excellence,” Forgey said in a press release.

8 years leading Noblesville Schools

Of the superintendents in Hamilton County, Niedermeyer has the highest salary $ 204,877 in combined base salary and scholarships for the current school year. Both she and Hamilton Heights Superintendent Derek Arrowood have the longest terms as superintendent in the county, both starting in 2014.

Senator Todd Young, Indiana Gov.  Eric Holcomb, Noblesville Schools Superintendent Dr.  Beth Niedermeyer and Noblesville's Mayor John Ditslear pray during a vigil in May 2018 at the Federal Hill Commons in Noblesville in response to a shooting at Noblesville West Middle School.

A Noblesville Schools press release highlighted several of Niedermeyer’s achievements, including more than 50 school safety improvements after one Shooting in May 2018 in the district such as school resource officers in all 10 schools and a district security director.

In addition, the district has academic results above state and national averages, two successful referendum campaigns, additional mental health resources, and low-income students and English learners, and has conducted diversity training for employees under her leadership. Niedermeyer is also a founding member of the Noblesville Diversity Coalition.

On the equipment side, all 10 schools in the district have been expanded or renovated since Niedermeyer’s school management and the district also built a community center.

Prior to becoming Superintendent of Noblesville, Niedermeyer held senior positions at HSE, the Metropolitan School District of Pike Township, and Fort Wayne Community Schools. During her nearly four decades career, she was named Teacher of the Year, Headmaster of the Year, and Superintendent of the Year in Central Indiana.

“This was a difficult decision for me as the years I spent at Noblesville Schools were the proudest of my career,” said Niedermeyer in the statement. “… I will continue to advocate for students, educators, public education, Noblesville Schools, and this community, and I strive for your success.”

Search process will run in 2022

Hire a manager one of the biggest tasks of a school board. The superintendent is the school employee with whom the board interacts most and the person who manages the day-to-day affairs of the district.

Noblesville Superintendent Beth Niedermeyer speaks during a community meeting on Endeavors for Diversity, Justice, and Inclusion on Thursday, May 13, 2021 at the Noblesville Schools community center.

The board is expected to appoint a new headmaster ahead of the school board’s election in 2022, which will currently have two out of five seats held by Forgey and board member Lisa Sobek, on the ballot.

School authorities often use search firms to guide them through the process, especially since many board members have never hired a school principal before. In Noblesville, none of the current board members belonged to the board at the time Niedermeyer was hired. The extent to which the search team is involved depends on its agreement with the district.

In Hamilton County, HSE discontinued BWP & partner for her recent search and hiring of Westfield Washington Search team for university superintendents. Forgey did not specify which company Noblesville will use or if the county selected a company.

The superintendent search process often also includes a way for the community to provide early feedback, and Noblesville previously said that community members can share their input to help determine the qualities a new leader needs.

Much of the hiring process, such as B. job interviews, but usually takes place in closed meetings, as permitted by state law, and the boards of directors have moved away from posting a list of top candidates. Once the board has a final candidate, state law requires the proposed contract to be submitted for public comment at least seven days prior to the vote for ratification.

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