Daily Cuppa and Quiz: August 17, 2022


#On this day – [In1945theEnglishauthorGeorgeOrwellpublished[1945veröffentlichtederenglischeAutorGeorgeOrwellanimal farman anti-utopian satire that became a classic.

  1. Robert Vaughn has had many film and television roles, but he is often remembered as the character Napolean Solo on The Man From UNCLE. What do the initials UNCLE stand for?
  2. Which “must-have” technology of the 70s-2000s ended in 2011 with the last production made by the Japanese company Funai?
  3. Two paintings, ‘Beach at Scheveningen in Stormy Weather’ and ‘Congregation Leaving the Reformed Church in Nuenen’, with a combined value of $100 million, which had previously been stolen from a museum in Amsterdam, were returned on 10/2016. Who was the artist?
  4. Who recorded the 1965 album Bringing It All Back Home?
  5. Which biblical prophet has a name that means “Who is like Yah” in English? Malachi, Micah or Moses
  6. Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia is a fear of what number?
  7. Along with partner Hal David, who wrote the following songs: “What’s New Pussycat?”, “Long after Tonight Is All Over” and “Alfie”?
  8. Which ancient Greek temple dedicated to the goddess Athena is located on the hilltop of the Acropolis in Athens, Greece?
  9. What is the name of the branch of mathematics that is used to calculate the side lengths and angles of right triangles? trigonometry, analysis or algebra
  10. The Halle Orchestra was founded in 1858. In which city is it based?

Answers for August 16:
Questions: 1.Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael formed which crime-fighting children’s television team? 2.Caroline Aherne, best known for Mrs Merton and The Royle Family, narrated a Channel 4 reality TV series from its launch in 2013 to 2016. Which? 3. Muhammad Ali had many historic fights including the Thrilla in Manilla, but who did he fight in The Rumble in the Jungle? 4. Burt Kwouk, film and television actor, has appeared in dozens of productions, but is perhaps best remembered for playing which character in the Pink Panther films? 5.Ronnie Corbett was a comedian perhaps best known for his partnership with Ronnie Barker on the comedy show The Two Ronnies, but his first major television break was on which satirical comedy show of the 1960s? 6.Alan Rickman Severus Snape in the Harry Potter films, but what was his role in the film about a medieval Midlands criminal? 7.Andrew Sachs from Fawlty Towers, where he played Manuel, also appeared on Coronation St as the brother of which character? 8. Jean Alexander will always be remembered as Hilda Ogden from Coronation St. In what other northern series did she later become a regular cast member? 9.Richard Adams was best known for writing the book Watership Down, but how did the book get its name? 10.Leonard Cohen was a singer, songwriter, musician, poet, writer and painter but what was his nationality?
Answers: 1.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.Gogglebox 3.George Foreman 4.Cato 5.The Frost Report 6.Sheriff of Nottingham (in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves) 7.Norris (he played his brother Ramsey) 8.Last of the Summer Wine 9. A Hill in Hampshire 10. Canadian

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