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Live updates from Delhi News:

Health care worker takes a swab in front of Sarojani Nagar subway station in New Delhi on Saturday. (Express photo by Praveen Khanna)

There are currently complaints in some counties of elderly patients being asked to move to government facilities even if they want to isolate themselves at home instead. The Indian Express spoke to several county officials, and while most said they were following guidelines from the Union Department of Health issued in April 2021, the recent surge at Omicron has left some confusion.

Daily Covid cases in Delhi double, 7 out of 8 deaths over 60 years old, 3 stabbed twice

Delhi recorded more deaths in a single day than it did in September, October and November when Covid cases continued to rise, mainly due to the Omicron variant. However, a senior health official told The Indian Express that of the eight people who died in the previous 24 hours, seven were over 60 and most had severe comorbidities. Three had received both doses of the Covid vaccine.

“Of the eight who died in the last 24 hours, three had received both vaccinations of the Covid vaccine, but had significant comorbidities. Two were over 75 years old and had several other age-related complications. One patient was 59 years old but suffered from a serious chronic illness. The rest were between 60 and 75 years old, “said the officer.

Delhi: Draft water reuse and supply management plan

The recently published draft Regional Plan 2041 for the NCR contains a number of proposals for dealing with the supply, use and reuse of water and the management and use of water bodies in the NCR.

She suggests looking for ways to bring seawater through pipelines to Delhi-NCR “from the nearest seawater source” to meet the needs of non-potable water for large industries and businesses “so that the fresh water available in NCR is reserved for drinking water purposes can be”. To improve water supplies, it also suggests building 300 tube wells along floodplain areas in NCR.

The National Capital Region Planning Board, which reports to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, has submitted objections and proposals to the draft plan by January 7th.

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