Difficult time for Chris Martin because of his “religious upbringing”


Coldplay singer Chris Martin has announced that he is “having a tough time” considering his religious background as an evangelical Christian. Martin said, “I’m going through a really tough time in my life right now. And going back to look at it all is part of dealing with it. I couldn’t sing “Paint It Black” by The Stones because I thought it was evil. “

He used to have a coping strategy, but he believes it is no longer effective, according to media sources. “Any coping technique is a strength if you learn it,” he noted on the radio show, “but it may not be of much use to you later in life.”

Martin had previously mentioned how he swears by meditation and sleep. “I don’t sleep much at night,” he said. “I meditate and take a nap every now and then. Kickboxer’s trainer Conor McGregor pushed me in that direction. I went to the gym after our last gig in Dublin and he told me the secret in life is to force yourself to lie down for 15 minutes in the afternoon and close your eyes. Martin said that for the sake of his health, he had eliminated dairy products from his menu. ”

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