Elon Musk as President? – The street


There are many tweets but the message is the same.

“You have to walk for President Dude,” says one.

“Just Run for President”

The guy in question is Tesla (TSLA) – Get Tesla Inc report CEO Elon Musk and Twitter are heating up with calls for the world’s richest man to run for the White House.

“Elon 2024 for President!!! Let’s go!!!” a person called.

“Elon Musk should run for president,” he says Another.

“Elon is just running for President!” another one begs.

Musk, who also founded SpaceX, dissolved his PR department in 2020, so it’s a bit difficult to get comments on that or anything else.

Twitter (TWTR) – Get the report from Twitter, Inc seems like the appropriate place for such presidential babble, considering Musk’s latest meme move was an offer to buy the microblogging site for $42 billion and take it private.

The offer came just days after Musk turned down an offer to join the company’s board.

A commenter posted a picture of Musk in a superhero costume overlooking New York City.

“Should buy shares on Twitter a month ago,” read the caption. “In any case, I support #ElonMusk to take it on. Elon for President 2024.”

“LOL that’s awesome,” one poster said. “You should try to run for president after that.”

Some posters called for Musk to buy Twitter and reinstate former President Donald Trump, a businessman-turned-politician who was hounded from the site after the Jan. 6 riot.

Trump has said he probably wouldn’t return to Twitter.

“Having seen Trump in NYC in the 1980s, I now predict it: Elon Musk will run for President. “, a person tweeted.

But only a native-born US citizen can become president, which rules out South Africa-born Musk.

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That fact didn’t seem to stop some people, however.

“The Arnold Change”

“I hereby give you my blessing to correct your birth certificate and run for President,” one person said tweeted.

This wouldn’t be the first time a naturalized American citizen has been buoyed by the president’s excitement.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, bodybuilder, movie star, and former California governor, was once considered such a hot political asset that then-Utah Senator Orrin Hatch proposed a constitutional amendment in 2003 that would have eliminated the natural citizen clause.

The “Arnold Amendment,” as some people called it, didn’t get very far in reality, but the Terminator made it to the Oval Office in the 1993 sci-fi film Demolition Man, based on the Schwarzenegger Presidential Library and the “Schwarzenegger Presidential Library” references. 61st Amendment.”

So what is it about Musk that inspires such dedication?

There are certainly other prominent executives in this world, such as the former Amazon (AMZN) – Get report from Amazon.com, Inc Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson of the Virgin Group.

But they don’t seem to have the pull that Musk commands.

Just look at the Twitter numbers: Bezos has 3.8 million followers while Branson has 12.6 million.

And musk? With over 82.1 million followers, it weighs almost the entire population of Germany.

“Part of the fascination with Elon Musk lies in the inability to pinpoint him, master him, or really ‘know’ him,” said Jenna Drenten, associate professor of marketing at Loyola University Chicago’s Quinlan School of Business. “He doesn’t seem like the sanitized, conventional CEO of a company. And that is exactly what makes him attractive.”

“Inventive, Brilliant, Rebellious CEO”

Musk, Drenten added, “has the privilege of doing what he wants, how he wants — that’s just a fantasy for most people.”

“But what many fans and consumers misunderstand about Elon Musk is that he is a rebel who defies traditional expectations of business, marketing and brand management,” she said. “In reality, his personality is deeply strategic and embedded in the brand narratives of his companies.”

“This imaginative, brilliant, rebellious CEO is a curated part of the brand that is publicly shared on its terms,” ​​added Drenten.

Musk’s fandom has been a problem for David Trainer, CEO of New Constructs, a Nashville-based investment research firm, who said the offer to buy Twitter was “simply a distraction from the many challenges Tesla is facing itself.” .

“Elon Musk’s offer to buy Twitter is a desperate attempt for Musk to garner attention,” Trainer said. “He’s only offering to buy Twitter because Twitter is where Musk is most popular.”

Trainer added that Musk “brings no operational value to Twitter shareholders other than his rock star status, which is insufficient to transform Twitter in the long term.”

“Tesla faces significant competition in the electric vehicle space,” he said. “Even though it was the frontrunner in this space, the big automakers are catching up and making innovative electric vehicles.”

“Snake Oil Seller”

Tesla stock, Trainer said, “is a bubble and its valuation is completely detached from fundamentals.”

“Musk is the snake oil salesman of today,” Trainer said. “He’s one of the first to crack the code on how to use social media to become a power influencer. There are others, but he is the strongest.”

For David Schmid, Associate Professor of English at the University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences, Musk’s popularity is easy to explain.

“He’s the embodiment of the James Bond villain,” said Schmid. “Even his name screams Bond villain: Have you ever met anyone named Elon Musk? Of course not, just like you’ve never met anyone named Auric Goldfinger.”

On one level, Schmid said, “He’s just a car exec, but we’ve all seen enough Bond movies to know that Tesla is just a cover for his more sinister activities.”

“SpaceX and its attempt to buy Twitter is much more representative of Musk’s ambitions, which like every other Bond villain are world domination by any means necessary,” he said, appalling for so many?

Schmid said this is partly because “Americans have long worshiped both individualism and crime, so their combination is virtually irresistible.”

“But also because we know there are no more James Bonds, only villains,” he said. “And what many Americans ask for more than anything else is to support the winning team, no matter how dirty they play. Musk as President? terrible feeling for me.”


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