England senior Olivia Alsup reflects on her time at PCAL


This story was originally published on the WKU News website on April 20, 2022. The story can also be accessed here.

Olivia Alsup is a senior from Franklin, Kentucky with a degree in English. Although she has always had a passion for English, she initially had other careers in mind after her high school diploma.

“Originally, I was in my high school on my early childhood education journey,” says Alsup. “After graduating, I took a year off and worked as a part-time teaching assistant at the WKU Child Care Center at Jones Jagger Hall.”

She explains that she loved working with the children, from ages six weeks to two years, but wanted to get a degree in English. She enrolled in the program in the fall of 2019 and has never looked back. One of her favorite English courses, which she took during her time on the Hill, is ENGL 468: Sexual and Gender Fluidity in Early Modern English Literature with Dr. Gillian Knoll.

“Sometimes classes can feel isolated and independent outside of personal discussions, so I found the collaborative Google Site projects in this class very fulfilling,” says Alsup. “I also discovered the piece Gallathea by: John Lyly while attending this course. It has become one of my favorite lyrics.”

Alsup also served as the PCAL communications intern for the Spring 2022 semester. During her internship, she coordinated and wrote #PeopleofWKU stories, assisted with office duties in the dean’s office, and helped revive the PCAL newsletter. She loved the synergistic quality of the internship and is grateful for the experience she gained prior to graduation.

When asked for advice she would give prospective PCAL students, Alsup says engagement is the best way to apply what you’ve learned in the classroom to the real world.

“If you have the privilege of getting involved, I recommend it. I feel like I learned so many skills by putting myself out there. My PCAL internship alone taught me to adapt to my surroundings and to get out of my comfort zone. If I hadn’t applied for this internship, I would never have had the confidence or skills to do what I intend to do in the future. Internships aside, just attending events makes you feel welcome and part of the PCAL community.”

When she’s not reading or writing for her classes or internship, Alsup enjoys watching the sitcom, new girl. “It’s such a comfort show for me. You can turn it on in the background of everything and be completely happy.”

Upon graduation, Alsup will support the Georgia Tech College of Computing summer camp program for 3 yearsapprox until 12th class this summer. She plans to find a full-time position as an editor or copywriter and hopes to begin the Library and Information Science master’s program at the University of Maryland in the fall of 2023.


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