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Thiruvananthapuram: The care sector is more favored in the implementation of the Specified Skilled Workers (SSW) program signed by India and Japan earlier this year in Kerala. Japan plans to recruit nearly 60,000 nurses. A large percentage of that number is expected to be from Kerala. Engineering people are also expected to benefit from this program as they have excellent employment opportunities.

In Kerala, Norka Roots leads the training. A final decision about the training has not yet been made. Norka Roots vice chairman K. Varadarajan said the central government was expected to issue detailed instructions within a month. Applicants will be invited after the language trainer from Japan arrives in India. The training will be free. Once an applicant passes the aptitude test, he / she is one step closer to Japan. There are also employment opportunities in the areas of housework and unskilled labor. Employment opportunities in the unskilled sectors can be used by those who have returned to their home countries after losing their job abroad.

Since the program is a joint venture between the governments of the countries, there is no possibility of fraud. Employees receive benefits and protection from the law. Since there are no middlemen, other expenses are also lower. The coach’s salary is provided by Japan. If the exam is passed, the appointment is valid for 5 years. This can be extended after expiry. The first batch of training is expected to be completed by the end of January.

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