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KOCHI: Estimate how many people register for IELTS exams each year. The figure reached over 10 lakh in 2020-21. According to active players in the industry, this number is steadily increasing every year. However, training for this exam requires extensive preparation, which students most often do not receive. A Thrissur-based startup has developed an AI-integrated IELTS learning platform to solve this problem.

“MyIELTS Partner provides an end-to-end solution for all IELTS candidates to better pass the exam and is the world’s first integrated AI platform,” said Nithya Gopinathan, 12-year IELTS trainer and co-founder of the startup MyIELTS Partner Private Limited. According to her, the new platform was founded to provide students, professionals and organizations alike with seamless and effective learning solutions, at the learner’s convenience and pace.

“It provides structured learning, content and practice material that meets the IELTS assessment criteria and other specifications. This unique self-learning platform offers learning, training, practice and assessment with instant assessment and feedback. This was a serious problem in both online and offline courses and hampered the IELTS preparation process,” she said. She added that performance analytics and in-depth user analytics improve users’ learning efficiency. Additionally, users have a wide range of courses to choose from and can even focus on a specific IELTS module if they wish. Additionally, the comprehensive package is designed to help an aspirant to be IELTS ready in the most economical way.

“MyIELTS Partner is our attempt to disrupt the rather fragmented sector. Finding authentic IELTS training material and getting instant feedback on a student’s performance are areas that remain a matter of serious concern despite a lot of content online. The experience and expertise accumulated over the years, coupled with the boom in the EdTech industry, drove the creation of MyIELTS Partner,” she added.

According to Roshan R. Pillai, co-founder and CEO of the startup, the platform offers all the features that have been missing in the industry. “Instant evaluation and feedback remain the most unique qualities of this AI-driven platform, which represents an innovation in the market. There are also plans to integrate other competitive English exams such as TOFEL, PTE and OET in the near future,” he said. MyIELTS Partner is available on the web and the application is available on both Google Play and the App Store.


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