Leading diversity expert facilitates CDP® and CDE® certification prep courses for Europe, Middle East and Asia


dr Kathleen Hamblin

Certified Diversity Executive, Dr. Kathleen Hamblin, will lead virtual diversity, equity and inclusion prep courses for IDC’s global certification program

BERLIN , GERMANY , March 10 , 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Expert for cultural diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion, Dr. Kathleen Hamblin, CDE®will support the global Certified Diversity Executive (CDE).® and Certified Diversity Professional (CDP)® preparatory courses for the Institute for Diversity Certification (IDC). dr Hamblin will present the Europe, Middle East and Asia (EMEA) version of the certification program as part of a broader effort to empower Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) leaders to leverage research-based and data-centric strategies for effectiveness. The program is ideal for executives with global responsibilities who do not have a US or domestic approach to multinational DEI work. Currently, IDC’s certification programs are recognized as the industry standard for DEI excellence and are recognized by employers in more than 30 countries, including the United States

The Society for Diversity was founded in 2009 and first began awarding DEI credentials through IDC in 2011. IDC was established for the sole purpose of providing preparatory courses and materials for diversity and inclusion management; conducting diversity certification exams; and appointment of DEI credentials to Certified Diversity Professionals (CDP)® and Certified Diversity Executives (CDE)®. Each of these certifications includes 16 competencies, and both signal enterprise-wide excellence. The competencies are closely based on the Diversity and Inclusion Standard 30415 of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

IDC currently enrolls more candidates than any other diversity and inclusion certification program in the world. Certificate programs differ from certification in that a certificate program certifies that an individual has completed a course. Certainly, the certificate can be useful in a variety of circumstances. However, DEI certification is valuable to employers because it validates an individual’s professional expertise and demonstrates the individual’s commitment to mastery in a highly competitive field. IDC’s certification process consists of a preparation course, a 350-page study guide, a learning management system, a knowledge-based exam, and professional peer review. Successful certification candidates must pass the exam with an 80.0% or better score and receive peer approval on a professional work template before being assigned CDP® or CDE® Credentials.

Leah Smiley, President of the Society for Diversity, said: “IDC’s rigorous process complements Dr. Hamblin’s extensive knowledge and experience. I am very excited about the progress EMEA organizations will make once they have certified DEI leaders in place.” Hamblin recently relieved CDP® Preparation courses with Ms. Smiley for two large multinational employers: Amazon and TE Connectivity.

dr Based in Berlin, Germany for 30 years, Hamblin has over 3 decades of experience working with organizations around the world. She has designed and delivered programs on leadership, management effectiveness, cultural competence, and diversity and inclusion. As a former Chief Learning Officer and Chief Diversity Officer, her areas of expertise include the business case for diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias throughout the performance management lifecycle, creating more inclusive teams and inclusive leadership. As more employers focus on gender equality and LGBTQ+ inclusion across Europe, Dr. Hamblin has helped many of these organizations achieve belonging, justice, inclusion and culture change.

dr Hamblin was Associate Client Partner in Leadership and Talent Consulting for Korn Ferry HayGroup for 3 years and Co-Lead for Diversity and Inclusion in EMEA. She has focused on large-scale development programs, performance management, leadership coaching, diversity and inclusion, and inclusive leadership. She was also a team member at Korn Ferry’s premier Executive to Leader Institute (ELI), which won HR.com’s 2016 award for Best Global Leadership Program.

In her own consulting firm and as a collaborator for Management Center Europe, the Danish Leadership Institute and the Center for Creative Leadership, Dr. Hamblin has developed and delivered a variety of programs including: leadership, strategy and organizational culture; staff performance management; influencing; leadership change; Building and leading teams; effective communication; Coping with stress; coaching; Creativity; presentation skills; and Diversity and Inclusion for organizations such as Alcoa, Nokia, Carlsberg, Altana, Hilton International, ASML and the APMoller-Maersk Group in Europe, North and South America, the Gulf, Africa and Asia.

dr Hamblin has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and a master’s degree in intercultural relations. She is a certified diversity executive. Born in French Canada, Dr. Hamblin high school in Sweden and university in the United States. In addition to Germany and Sweden, she has also lived and worked in Colombia, Peru and Belgium. She is a native English speaker and also speaks good French and German, as well as some Spanish, Italian and Swedish.

CDP® and CDE® The preparatory courses take place at Central European Time (CET). Both credentials offer multinational DEI leaders the opportunity to learn from experts, network with global peers and demonstrate their commitment to the industry – all while earning impressive, industry-recognized credentials. For program details, see: www.diversitycertification.org

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