Living with Intention Gym serves the needy


“It’s always been something we’ve done, so I’ve always made it a core of myself because I’ve always believed that the journey of life is not about what you achieve, it’s about relationships, you build and the people you affect, ”he said.

Working full-time as a financial advisor for JP Morgan and in the evenings as a personal trainer at LA Fitness eventually led him to Orangetheory Fitness. Five years later he went out alone with one-on-one and park group sessions.

His urge to encourage, guide, and uplift others opened another door for him. In June 2020 the doors of his Kennesaw fitness studio tRUCKFIT opened.

However, this is no ordinary gym. Neither are the owner or his members, whom Wilson considers family, are. It extends beyond the lessons, the equipment, and the walls into the lives of other needy people.

“Every month we have specific initiatives that we are pursuing,” Washington said. “One of them is a community engagement, another is an event with the family of the members here and then we have specific workouts throughout the month.”

From food drives, dancing for MUST Ministries’ DWTS fundraiser, a cleanup in Acworth on Cowan Road, Habitat, partnering with Simple Needs (hygiene kits), Neverthirst, Touch-a-Truck Kennesaw, and adopting a family last Christmas through Encompass Ministries are among the roughly 17 monthly community service or fundraiser that Washington and his family have participated in, both privately and at the gym.

“I’ve always wanted to empower people through fitness to take their day in their own hands, but ultimately to take their lives into their own hands because I think fitness permeates many other areas of our life than just the physical,” he said Trainer . “I think my real goal is to make people feel that other things are possible.”

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