Memorial teacher and native Brit reacts to the death of Queen Elizabeth II


EVANSVILLE, Indiana (WFIE) — The death of Queen Elizabeth II was felt internationally, from the crowds at Buckingham Palace to the tri-state area.

William Lismore is an English teacher at Memorial High School. Lismore grew up in eastern England near the University of Evansville’s study partner, Harlaxton College.

Due to the time difference, Lismore says he hasn’t had a chance to speak to his family in the UK since the news broke, but says he surprised himself with his own reaction.

“It actually weighed on me a bit,” Lismore said. “It would be similar to what I’ve explained to the students in my classes, that when you hear that someone in your best friend’s family has died, it’s a little bit, you wouldn’t burst into tears, but you would feel it, You would really feel.”

Despite his surprised reaction, Lismore said that when he saw the Queen’s family being called to Balmoral Castle in Scotland, he knew something big was happening.

“Yeah, what struck me the most was the pictures of people leaving flowers in London at Buckingham Palace and I thought there’s something going on, people know more than I do at the moment,” Lismore said. “I was like, ‘Okay, this is pretty serious.'”


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