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As Brock University closes its vacation, students, staff, and faculty will be reminded of various mental health and wellness resources available to them during the vacation and New Year.

Support for the mental health and wellbeing of students

Students seeking mental health support and personal counseling can access professional licensed counselors 24/7 through the My Student Support Program (My SPP) mobile app. Free and confidential real-time text chat and phone support are available in five languages: English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, and Cantonese (simplified Chinese via chat).

In addition to live and instant support, the app also offers an extensive library of mental health and wellbeing resources, including articles, podcasts, infographics, and videos; unlimited free access to the virtual fitness app LIFT; and anonymous evidence-based self-assessments that can help students identify risks for mental health problems such as depression, generalized anxiety, and addiction.

The app can be downloaded from in the Apple App Store or Google play. When creating a profile, students should identify the Brock University Student Counseling Program as the school.

Support for the mental health and wellbeing of employees

Brock University employees have free and confidential access to mental health and wellness support through LifeWorks, the university’s Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP). All Brock faculties and employees and their immediate family members have 24/7 access to EFAP support services by calling 1-844-880-9137.

The LifeWorks Wellness website and mobile app are also available to all current Brock University employees. Employees and lecturers can register at with a unique invitation code contained in an email received from LifeWorks to their Brock email in April 2021. After registering and logging in, employees can invite up to five family members to join the LifeWorks platform. The LifeWorks mobile app can be accessed from the. downloaded Apple App Store or Google play.

LifeWorks offers articles, podcasts, and videos on a variety of topics; Self-assessments of financial, mental, physical and social well-being; automated fitness trips and live chat access to trainers via the LIFT session app; and exclusive discounts and special offers called “Perks”.

Article, podcast, and video topics include:

  • Health – Addiction, Alcohol, Drugs, Child Safety and Mental Health, Healthcare Providers, Mental Health Support, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Diet and Nutrition, Exercise and Fitness, Mindfulness, Sleep, Pregnancy, Heart Disease, Long Term Illness, Elderly Mental and Physical Bless you.
  • Family – looking after a newborn baby, adopting a child, child care, dealing with death and loss, friendship and family relationships, family law, wills, divorce / separation, care for older relatives, work-life balance, communication with children.
  • Life – critical incidents, natural disasters, suicide prevention, living or caring for a disabled person, moving house, relocation, legal issues, end-of-life planning, personal growth, organization, personal communication, couples, friends, being single, retirement planning and transition.
  • Work – career development, networking, training, manager communication skills, leadership and motivation, working relationships, flexible working and remote working, vacation and leisure, time management.
  • Money – Financial planning, investing, taxes, income changes, money management, budgeting, debt, saving, fraud, and identity theft.

The LifeWorks platform also offers several free self-directed wellness programs online. The “CareNow” programs are based on cognitive behavioral therapy and contain techniques and strategies with which employees can get and stay healthy.

CareNow programs include:

  • achieve financial well-being
  • fear
  • communication
  • deal with
  • depression
  • Grief
  • Mindfulness
  • Separation / divorce
  • emphasize
  • Substance abuse
  • Tobacco and nicotine stop
  • Work-life balance

A recording of a recent briefing that explored many of the EFAP offerings for Brock employees will be posted on YouTube:

Further EFAP information can be found on the Health and Wellbeing Toolbox on SharePoint.

Questions about EFAP or the LifeWorks platform – including resources, programs, and employee login information – can be emailed to [email protected]

Additional health and wellness offers for students and employees

Therapist-led cognitive behavioral therapy sessions are available free of charge to all Ontario residents Spirit beacon, Thanks to funding from the Ontario government. The website also offers a wide range of Articles and virtual events on the subject of mental wellbeing.

Mental health support and resources are also available through:

Health-related concerns, including advice on COVID-19, can be raised via Telemedicine Ontario by phone at 1-866-797-0000.

Brock Recreation Services offers free access to fitness classes through ExpressFit on Demand. Brock University Library offers a free Library Yoga YouTube Playlist.

Brock University campus security services can be reached at 905-688-5550 x3200 (crisis) or x4300 (non-crisis).


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