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Vadodara: MS University plans to set up language labs across its campus. A language laboratory for English and Sanskrit was inaugurated by MSU Vice Chancellor Professor Parimal Vyas in the BBA building of the Faculty of Economics.
“We plan to have labs like this all over the university. I am very pleased that the BBA program has taken the initiative. This laboratory will be an inspiration for other programs and buildings, ”said Vyas.
Vyas said that language skills are the order of the day not only for students but also for teachers. The BBA program laboratory currently has 80 terminals / subscriptions in English and Sanskrit and more such terminals are planned. The lab complies with the National Education Policy-2020, which emphasizes experiential hands-on learning and learning Sanskrit, university officials said.
The aim of the lab is to improve the linguistic competence of students and teachers in order not only to enable economists to learn, but also to enable comprehensive development. The BBA program also includes setting up a curriculum using the laboratory and working towards a language learning center to prepare students and staff for international tests such as IELTS, PTE and TOEFL.
The inauguration will be followed by a five-day “Train the Trainer” program in collaboration with an Ahmedabad-based software company that has developed applications for the BBA’s language laboratory. The program would initially train 35 teachers and orient them towards the functioning of the laboratory.


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