Mysterious “Love Trap” Incident in Kaduthuruthy; Police are intensifying investigations


The police arrested three suspects based on the testimonies of three girls from Class XI and Class XII.

Mishab Abdul Rahman, Jishnu Rajesh and Abhinav

Kottayam: The case of the “love trap” in Kaduthuruthy here is becoming more mysterious by the day. Police had previously confirmed that all the youths who were taken into custody had bad intentions.
Police said they have yet to find out how the accused earned the money for staying in lodges and other expenses. Local residents claimed that the accused received help from the area and could not have committed a crime of this magnitude without help.

The police investigation revealed that all the accused are drug addicts and dealers. The Excise Agency had warned of an alarming rise in student drug use like never before.

It is implied that the girls caught in the love trap and their friends have shared more information with the police. Most of the youth in the gang are from Malappuram, Kannur and Kozhikode districts.

According to reports, the youths who came from other districts stayed in Kottayam to capture the girls. Police say the suspects camped out in the area for a long time to hatch and carry out their plan. Police also found that they relied on drug sales for an income. Officials have called for caution in surrounding regions as similar gangs are expected to be present.

The defendants remanded in custody are Kannur native Mishab Abdul Rahman (20) and Jishnu Rajesh (20) and Kozhikode native Abhinav (20). Sankeerth (22), from Kannur, is on the run. The police arrested three suspects based on the testimonies of three girls from Class XI and Class XII. About 15 girls have reportedly fallen victim to this trap. The matter came to light after police spotted a girl and two teenagers in suspicious circumstances and launched an investigation.

Those arrested were booked by POCSO on charges of luring girls under the pretense of love and attempting to kidnap them.

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