National Academy of Sports Medicine® Launches New Certified Sports Nutrition Program to Maximize Athletic Performance


GILBERT, Arizona – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Today the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM®), a global leader in fitness certification, announced the launch of its newest program, Certified Sports Nutrition Coach (NASM-CSNC). This comprehensive online program equips health and nutrition trainers and fitness professionals with the skills, tools and strategies to optimize athletic performance for clients across the spectrum of athletes, from amateurs to top athletes.

“Success for athletes is more than just physical fitness,” said Laurie McCartney, NASM president. “Diet is huge in results and recovery, and this program has everything you need to know about diet timing, hydration, nutritional supplements, and more. It is a tool kit for turning athletic performance from good to great. ”

NASM developed the CSNC program with the industry-leading experts at the Institute of Performance Nutrition (IOPN). The IOPN is a global authority on sports and exercise nutrition, and its content is researched in more than 70 countries around the world and supported by leading professional associations, organizations and professional sports teams.

“We’re passionate about bridging the science and practice gap in exercise and exercise nutrition,” said Laurent Bannock, Founder and Director of IOPN, “and we’re proud to work with NASM to develop this exciting new course to be involved. ”

The CSNC program not only provides advanced knowledge and guidance on specific nutritional principles to improve body composition without compromising performance, but also provides instructions on how to put these concepts into practice with everyday clients and athletes. The program modules include: The profession of performance nutrition; Metabolism and energy; Nutrients and hydration; Performance and nutritional strategies; and put science into practice.

“A certified Sports Nutrition Coach plays a critical role in sports science and athletic performance,” said Brian Sutton, senior content development and production manager at NASM. “In addition to fitness training, these trainers will work with the athletes to create and offer more integrated coaching on all aspects of performance nutrition, game day nutrition strategies and weight management.”

NASM’s CSNC program offers:

  • An easy-to-use digital experience delivered through NASM’s industry-leading online platform with video lectures and animation on metabolism, nutrients, hydration and coaching strategies to optimize athletic performance

  • Engaging multimedia content serves as dynamic resources to support course information that can be accessed for learning anytime, anywhere on any device (desktop / laptop, tablet or smartphone).

  • Knowledge checks and quizzes during the course improve understanding and memory, as well as progress tracking, which allows participants to pick up where they left off; In addition, the program includes a digital practice exam with unlimited attempts and a digital final exam

NASM’s certified sports nutrition trainer is available online in the US at

About NASM: The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) is now in its 34th year the international standard in fitness education due to the high quality of the fitness professionals they certify and the scientific rigor of their programs. NASM offers a world-class Certified Personal Trainer program and specialized packages including NASM Elite, Career Kickstarter and more. Visit for more information.

About IOPN: The Institute of Performance Nutrition is a UK-based professional educational institute specializing in performance nutrition for current and aspiring exercise and exercise nutritionists. You have worked with an impressive variety of elite teams and individual athletes, including World Cup and English Premiership soccer teams, WTA tennis players, Premier League soccer and rugby players, Olympians, professional boxers, MMA (UFC) fighters, and triathletes the top class. Please visit for more information.

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