On the royal blue Norwegian Sea


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I’m from Bleik, a small village with about 450 inhabitants on the island of Andoy in northern Norway.

It is situated between the sea and the mountains, which makes it a very beautiful and breathtaking place in both good and stormy weather.

I have two great passions in life: football and fishing.

I am a commercial fisherman and have my own boat with a crew of six. In the summer I head further north for sportfish salmon.

After that, when the football season starts, it’s all about Everton.

Sport in general is very popular in Norway, maybe because I think we are competitive people. In winter everyone skis. After that, football takes over – and English football is huge across Scandinavia.

I watched and played football a lot growing up, but it was the 1989 FA Cup final between Everton and Liverpool that made me an Evertonian.

I watched the game on TV at home with my father who fell asleep in his chair. When Stuart McCall scored to make it 1-1 and sent the game into overtime, I cheered so loud I woke my dad and almost gave him a heart attack! He was angry.

Everton lost the game in extra time but that day I knew I was ‘chosen’ and became an Evertonian.

I know that feeling, that connection is forever.

Everton means everything to me.

It can be bumpy at times. If the Blues play on Saturday and lose, it ruins my whole weekend, but if they win… Wow. It makes the whole next week immeasurably better.

We watch every Everton game, mostly at my house. Me, my wife, my grandchildren, my brother, his children and other friends. And my dog ​​Blue, the best dog in the world.

Being an Evertonian in the 1990s also had its logistical challenges. I tried to keep up to date using text TV and newspapers from Oslo. Luckily we now have internet and much better TV so I can subscribe to any football channel and watch us.

I became a member of ESCNB (Everton Supporters’ Club Norwegian Branch) in the 90’s and started getting a membership magazine called Everton Supporters’ Club The Goodison roar. ESCNB now has around 700 members – and it’s still growing.

I am very proud to be part of this group. Once a season we arrange a trip to Goodison Park to see a live game and the amazing city of Liverpool.

Back home we have a local football team called Hoken (‘The Falcons’) which was formed in 1933 and I have been a part of it for many years.

Like Everton, it’s a big part of our local community – it’s people’s pride and a source of a lot of excitement.

Our pitch was built by volunteers from Bleik and I really think almost everyone who lives here helped.

To fund the team, we paint and sell billboards around the pitch. My brother and I have one with the Everton crest… Of course it’s the best in the ground!

The rest of my life at home revolves around fishing.

Being a fisherman was something I always wanted to be, and when I finished junior high school in 1990 at the age of 16, I got a job aboard a local boat.

I have been fishing for 31 years now.

I bought my current boat from a good friend who unfortunately supports the neighbors, which is why it was initially called “Red”.

But of course it has since been renamed “Royal Blue”.

To the toffees.

By Glenn Thomas Madsen, Evertonian and member of ESCNB


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