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Bank of BBM SA is a modern Bank offering a wide range of financial products and services for individual clients, micro enterprises, small and medium enterprises as well as medium and large enterprises. Bank of BBM offers innovative solutions, attractive loans, exchanging even a cash loan online – Fast Loan. An excellent offer for people who expect from the Bank attractive conditions and innovative solutions. All your plans can be quickly realized thanks to a loan from Bank of BBM.


Cash loan in a branch of Bank of BBM

cash loan

A real hit on the cash loan market! Cash loan of BBM is not only an attractive interest rate (from 5,49% per annum), but also a long loan period (up to 7 years) or up to PLN 150,000 maximum loan amount.

Fast Loan Bank of BBM is a cash loan that can be obtained easily and conveniently, without leaving your home. In addition, the money can be credited to the customer’s account within 15 minutes of sending the application. You can use a cash loan at an interest rate of 7.49% and a commission of 0%. You will receive the initial credit decision immediately after submitting the loan application.


Advantages of cash loan – Fast Loan:

  • credit up to PLN 10,000 available in full via the Internet – all you need is an electronic way of signing credit documents,
  • in the case of a loan over PLN 10,000 – the signing of credit documents takes place at any branch of the Bank,
  • the possibility of completing a loan application or electronic signing of the contract, even on tablets and smartphones,
  • initial credit decision immediately after submitting the application fixed interest from 7.49%,
  • commission for granting a loan from 0%,
  • insurance calculated from the monthly loan installment amount.


Car loan for new and used car

Car loan for new and used car

The of BBM car loan, which can be taken for up to eight years, will bear interest only in the amount of 4.99% per annum. It can be enlisted for the purchase of a vehicle up to PLN 500,000, no more than 10 years old. The bank guarantees invariability of installments. The credit decision is issued even in 30 minutes, and if necessary, the adviser commutes to the client. In addition, attractive insurance OC / AC / NNW / ASS, extended warranty for a car even for 3 years, is distinguished by a car loan at Bank of BBM, among other offers.

Cash loan Bank of BBM

Promotional cash loan of BBM – now a very friendly way of assessing the customer’s creditworthiness is in force. Nearly all applications correctly filled by clients interested in loans are accepted. During the call with the Call Center, you should confirm your interest in the bank’s offer and have a permanent source of income, no arrears and possible consent of your spouse.

We encourage you to check and use the cash loan offer Fast Loan of BBM, where the initial credit decision is granted in the online process, and customers can receive up to PLN 10,000 entirely via the Internet. Fast Loan is a golden mean for urgent expenses, holiday plans and dreams. It is also the cheapest on the market fast cash loan via the Internet up to PLN 10,000.


Cash Loan or Fast Loan – Online Cash Loan

Cash Loan or Fast Loan - Online Cash Loan

New of BBM cash credits in GM PL: Convincing Loan and Loan with a Wand are available as separate offers. Convincing Loan – even cheaper cash loan of BBM up to 200 thousand. PLN with an attractive interest rate and initial credit decision by phone. Loan with Wand – even cheaper cash loan of BBM up to 20 thousand. PLN with the last year of repayment without interest. Application for a cash loan. Bank of BBM can be submitted online.

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