Pokémon TCG Japan: VSTAR Universe Leaks: Leafeon VSTAR Alt Art



We’re a long way from December, but time can’t stop the leaks! We’re starting to see leaked images of Pokémon trading card game Japan’s high-class set VSTAR universe. VSTAR universe will be released in Japan this December and is intended to form the basis of the English language special set in early 2023 that will conclude it Sword & Shield Epoch. Like previous special sets VMAX climax and Shining Star V, VSTAR universe is primarily considered a reprint set with a large subset of pursuit cards. Among these Chase maps are the maps currently leaked online, including Alternate Art VSTARs. Alternate Art VSTARs have never been in a set before, so this is certainly an interesting novelty. This is expected to be the last set to feature Pokémon-V and VSTARs as 2023 will be the launch of the Scarlet & Violet Era returning to Pokemon Ex mechanic. Today, let’s take a look at another Alternate Art VSTAR leak.

VSTAR Universe map. Recognition: Pokémon trading card game

This is perhaps the most significant of all the VSTAR leaks that they come from VSTAR universe. Think about it. Think about it like that Pokémon trading card game has performed the Eeveelutions throughout Sword & Shield run. There are essentially two ways I can view this. we could Get Alt Arts for all Eeveelutions as VSTARs. We could…but I don’t think we will. I think instead we’ll get alt arts from everyone sensible VSTAR was released later this year. VSTARs were introduced with Leafeon and Glaceon promos, so I expect we’ll see this alongside a Glaceon VSTAR alt art. Otherwise we have Mewtwo (the VSTAR mascot of Pokemon GO) get an alternate art in this set and both Charizard and Arceus (the VSTAR mascots of Brilliant Stars) Get Alt Art promos. I think we can assume so very At a minimum, all major set mascot VSTARs and promo VSTARs will receive alt arts. What do you think?

Japanese sets often give us an early idea of ​​what the English language sets might contain, so keep an eye on our coverage. You can stay tuned for previews of VSTAR universe maps as well as updates on everything Pokémon trading card game here at Bleeding Cool.

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