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Blast Motion develops personal swing coaches for younger players


tom friend

Blast Motion has developed a sensor-based Personal Swing Trainer for younger baseball and softball players specifically designed to improve swing speed and swing travel.

The firms sensorsthe turn every racquet into a smart racquet, had already made a name for itself with pro, collegiate and elite travel ball players for its 3D swing tracer, smart video capture and a range of real-ttime metrics. By placing the sensor on the pommel of their racquets, players can get instant access to analytics such as peak hand speed, attack angle, vertical racquet angle, and moreAircraft efficiency, rotational acceleration, early connection, connection at impact and the all-important time to contact.

The new Personal Swing Trainer, priced at $99.95, allows less experienced baseball and softball players to use the same technology in a personal dashboard that uses green, yellow, and red indicators to correct a player’s swing and maximize improvement. Blast Motion’s goal with the product is to introduce metrics to players at an earlier age with the intention of getting a better swing within a week.

Blast recently named a host of elite softball players as brand ambassadors. Earlier this monththe enterprise added Pro players Amanda Lorenz, Aliyah Andrews and Nicole Bates on “Team Bust.’‘ Two months earlier it became Oklahoma’s Jocelyn Alo, Jayda Coleman and Kinzie Hansens first active NILE college athlete.


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