Take the New York State Bowhunting Course online


Fall is almost officially here and behind the excitement of kids going to school and the start of high school athletic and football season is the start of New York State’s hunting season.

If you are interested in archery and hunting in upstate New York, you need a license and a course. The good news is there are options. A very popular option is the online course.

Bow hunting, like the regular hunting season, has become very popular in recent years. As the COVID-19 pandemic kept more people at home and away from work, many people returned to the great outdoors to hunt. Bow hunting is something special. It is probably the most primitive form of hunting and by far the most exciting. Watching deer in their natural habitat and walking just a few feet with them is a thrill, with or without prey.

Archery/bowhunting season begins October 1st here in western New York. There are a few places in the area where you can take a bow hunter safety course. CLICK HERE to see the closest one. I couldn’t wait to sign up. These classes are filling up quickly, and with the flood of new hunters, registrations are selling out quicker than ever.

Good luck this season. From what I’ve seen from scouting and on cameras, there are sure to be plenty of deer and good bucks traversing the woods these days.

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