The best cards from Pokémon Sword & Shield: Lost Origin


To the Pokemon TCG collectors, the time is almost here: Lost Origin will hit the West later this week, and in anticipation you might be wondering which cards in the set to look out for.

There are many different reasons why TCG collectors would want a card, be it value, in-game effectiveness, or simply its looks, but for those trying to make the most of their collecting, it could be a mix of the above mentioned.

Heading towards launch day, we don’t have full details on what Lost Origin included, but since many cards have already been introduced in Japan, luckily we have an idea of ​​what will be of value.

The best cards from Pokemon Sword & Shield: Lost Origin

Image via The Pokémon Company

Since the set hasn’t arrived yet, it’s impossible to say exactly which cards will be the best pulls, but by looking at the OCG releases that are included Lost Originwe can speculate on which of the highest value cards will appear.

Of the Lost Abyss On the other side of the set, the best card you can draw is the rare version of Giratina V, an alternate art mystery. This map currently sells for around $250 with no rating, and the English version will likely fetch a similar price.

It will be worth sticking with this themed secret rare form of Giratina. In particular, the gold variant of Giratina VSTAR. This card is also one of the most expensive additions out there Lost Abysshowever, like other cards for this English set, is yet to be confirmed.

Another card that seems to pique buyers’ interest is the rare form of Aerodactyl’s alternate art mystery contained within Lost Abyss.

On the Dark phantasm Aside from the upcoming set, one of the most popular cards is the new Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR, which can be found in regular and secret rare forms. These cards will likely garner interest along with Enamorous V and Radiant Gardevoir.

While we won’t know exactly which cards are worth until they arrive, each of the cards from the set’s trainer gallery is worth collecting, having proven to be popular additions in the past.

Once we have more conclusive information on which cards are generating the most interest Lost Abyssthis article will be updated.


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