The couple’s Christmas wedding is performed by Smith Vocational


WILLIAMSBURG – Kim Keough remembers two students at Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School, where she has been an educator since 2010, as “the nicest, cutest children”.

Those two students are now husband and wife, Skyler and Maddy Rehbein, who got married this month in a ceremony officiated by Keough.

“It was an amazing experience,” said Keough. “All the Way.”

Skyler and Maddy, both 25 and living in Easthampton, visited Smith Voc. However, they were in different grades and didn’t really interact during school time.

The couple would later connect via online dating and had their first date at Childs Park, near their alma mater.

“We clicked really well,” said Skyler.

The couple would meet for a year and a half before they got engaged, and when it came time to choose a wedding officer, the two decided on Keough.

“We thought she was a very special person to be close to both of us,” Maddy said.

Keough started at Smith Vocational as a long-term substitute English teacher, and Skyler, a freshman at the time, was in her first English class.

Keough said teaching this first grade wasn’t easy, but “Skyler was like a beacon” and described him as a great, cute boy who did his homework. When she got up in the morning, she often told herself, she had to go to work because Skyler was there.

After a year as a long-term substitute, Keough went paraprofessional at Smith Vocational and began working with Maddy.

“They’re like the yin and yang of kindness,” Keough described.

Maddy stayed in touch with Keough after graduation, and when Maddy became a hairdresser, Keough became one of her clients. And after Maddy Keough cut her hair, she asked her if she would officiate her wedding.

“It was just completely out of left field,” said Keough. “I was so shocked.”

The wedding took place at the First Congregational Church in Southampton and was a Christmas celebration.

“Christmas is very special for both of us,” said Maddy, who shared that she had always wanted a Christmas wedding.

She also said that they modeled the post-wedding wedding in the Christmas movie, “Santa Claus is Comin ‘to Town”.

Skyler noted that he became more enthusiastic about the season after dating her. “I got a lot more involved with Christmas because of Maddy,” he said.

Maddy wore a red dress to her wedding and her engagement ring was red and green. Skyler said that every part of their wedding had a Christmassy element, including Christmas cookie cutters for the guests.

“It fit the theme without being over-the-top,” he said.

Skyler said one of the reasons they chose the church as their venue was because they could do more decorating. He also said the church had allowed one of their dogs, Obie, to be a ring bearer.

“They were the only place in the area that was okay with us,” Skyler said.

The couple have two other dogs together as well as three cats, and the signature cocktails at their wedding were named after their cats. Maddy said they felt connected when they started dating to be animal lovers.

“That was the main thing that brought us together,” she says.

This was Keough’s first time in office, and she sought advice from two friends who had done so before.

“My sermon was really their love story,” she said of Maddy and Skyler.

Keough also incorporated themes from the O. Henry story “The Gift of the Magi” and the Dr. Seuss story “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas!” A selection of “The Gift of the Magi” was also read by Maddy’s mother at the wedding, who explained the meaning of the story to her family – which she read to her daughters annually.

Both Maddy and Skyler were happy with the way their wedding went.

“Everything just fell into the palace and it turned out wonderful,” said Skyler.

Keough said she was keen to officiate at more weddings in the future.

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