The top 20 industry professionals of 2021-22 were featured in a virtual awards ceremony hosted by Fame Finders


August 25: Achieving expert status in the industry despite fierce competition takes a great deal of excellence.

These industry experts have set themselves apart from the layman by acquiring extreme knowledge in their respective industries and continuously offer optimal added value through their experience and excellence.

Fame Finders Media has announced the names of the top 20 industry professionals of 2021-22 who have made the nation proud with their remarkable work.

1. RAHUL SUDAN – Direct Selling Expert

Mr. Rahul Sudan is Editor-in-Chief of Direct Selling Today Magazine. India’s premier direct selling trade magazine focuses on providing its trusted 20,000+ subscribers with the latest updates on the Indian direct selling industry. 20+ industry experience in various areas such as setting up direct selling businesses, running events to personally advise the management of various direct selling startups and providing expert advice on the feasibility of a business idea.

2. TARUN SHARMA – Motivational Company Speaker

Tarun Sharma is a renowned motivational corporate speaker, happiness guru and philanthropist who transforms lives through his power sessions and innovative techniques. Since 2002 he has mentored thousands of top leaders from RBI, ONGC, NMDC, SAIL, Maruti, DRDO and DLF to name a few and more than 5,000 principals and teachers from various schools. Over the past 15 years, his NGO (The Rising) has provided education to more than 2,000 underprivileged children and continues to make a difference in the lives of many more.

3. JASON FERNANDES – Crypto expert and co-founder of AdLunam

Jason Fernandes is a Web3 investor and entrepreneur from Goa. While attending the University of Texas, Austin, Fernandes co-invented the Internet-based DVR RecordTV and founded, consulted and invested in several award-winning technology/Web3 companies.

Fernandes was awarded the Karmaveer Chakra by the United Nations in 2019 for his work promoting social/financial inclusion through blockchain. He has also been awarded the Seaside Startup Summit 2018 Award, the [email protected] Award and the First National Technopreneurship Competition Award ( Singapore) among others for various entrepreneurial activities.

4. SURAJ MORAJKAR – Real estate agent, builder and hotelier

Suraj is well known in Goa for the luxury homes he has built for celebrities such as actors Neha Dhupia, Chunkey Pandey, cricketer Yuvraj Singh, designer Ritu Kumar, CEO of Eicher Motors Vikram Lal and former CEO of Café Coffee Day Naresh Malhotra, to name a few. He also owns two luxury hotels Sol De Goa and Hilton Goa Resort

Suraj founded Sun Estates Developers in 1996. Sun Estates has completed projects in excess of Rs.3000 crore.

5. DEEPAK BANSAL – Educator

With the motto of improving employability, Mr Deepak Bansal, Trustee of the RK Educational Trust, launched academic programs leading to careers in media, entertainment, arts, design and communications. RK Educational Group institutions offer a range of certificate and diploma programs. The group is also affiliated with Delhi University as a training partner for over 20 course programs.

With over a decade of experience in the education industry, Mr. Deepak Bansal has led the institution to a leadership position that speaks volumes about its ongoing dedication, outstanding faculty and rich learning environment.

6. TONISHA PAWAR – Fitness and Image Consultant/Personality Coach

She is a fitness enthusiast and certified Pilates Instructor from Balance Body, USA

LIVE IT UP is a place that helps inspire and shape the minds of people from all walks of life to achieve more and shine. It can change your lifestyle through fitness, sense of style in dress and grooming, etiquette, dialect or diction.

Through LIVE IT UP, she intends to unleash your true self, breaking through, empowering and transcending all barriers and thought blocks to make every life a masterpiece.

7. SHAHNAZ SHEHAB TOWHEED – Training and Development Expert

Graduate in Psychology, Masters in Computers After 12 years in the corporate sector and still 7 years as an educator, Passionate about caring for young savages of India Started with student employability and transformation programs with universities/colleges on various aspects of personality development and communication skills, Whatever I do Am today is the blessing of my late mother and father, my siblings, and the support of my husband.

8. PRAVEEN SINGH – IT professional, author, life coach and speaker

Praveen Singh’s first book PARENTING PIE was well received.

She has given many webinars and sessions on parenting and women’s empowerment. Several digital media channels have interviewed her for her work.

She has won many prizes and awards and has been involved in regular social volunteering activities focused on education and training for children and young adults.

9. POORVA GUPTA – Life Coach

Poorva Gupta, a Breakthrough Maven, helps people struggling with challenging situations by breaking through their inner barriers, dissolving confusion and developing resilience.

Around 20 years ago, Poorva was diagnosed with alopecia, an autoimmune disease. Since then she has come a long way. She now works with people suffering from autoimmune diseases. She helps them improve their looks, boost their confidence, deal with bullying and succeed in all areas of their lives.

10. SHRUTI BARBHAYA – Mental Wellness Coach

Shruti is a Psychotherapist, Sound Therapist, NLP & Gestalt Master Practitioner. She founded Takshati Alchemy to help people struggling with relationships, single parents, divorce and everyday struggles. She also participates in public workshops and training in businesses, schools and colleges to help promote good mental health.

Her goal is to make people realize that life is to live and be happy. Her determination has led her to reach thousands of people who have participated in her training and therapy and have successfully found a new way to live their lives.

11. RUCHIKA RASTOGI – Expert in language skills

She started Learn N Grow with a vision to provide quality education for people to incorporate English as a life skill into their everyday lives, not just another subject. The founder aims to get people to excel in reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Today, her determination and optimism have taken her brand to the heights of success.

12. SHILPA SALVE – Expert in holistic well-being

Shilpa Salve is a holistic wellness expert with over 19 years of experience. Her unique approach catalyzes transformation on four levels: mind, body, emotions and spirit through a blend of yoga and modern techniques. She has relieved thousands of people from lifestyle disorders like thyroid, PCOS, etc. Shilpa’s eccentric approach to raising awareness of one’s health is effective

13. NEELIMA THAKUR – network expert

With over decades of experience providing writing, PR and marketing services for major brands such as Zee News and Doordarshan. Neelima Thakur has become a well-respected name in the industry. She helps emerging companies spread their recognition worldwide through articles in print media.

She organizes promotional events for the association and contacts for the social purpose.

14.Dr. DIVYA TANWAR – Cyber ​​Security Expert

dr Divya Tanwar is a Ph.D. in Computer Science, M.Phil., MCA, MBA and B.Sc. (Electronics) and is a distinguished academic with over a decade of experience teaching computer science to BCA and MCA candidates. She is a writer, cybersecurity expert and active social worker.


Chaitali Himanshu Jhaveri is a Magnified Healing teacher. She has been honored with international awards.

Through her own brand, Cosmic Healings, she trains people in various healing methods such as Understanding the Chakras, Access Bars, Magnified Healing, Lamafera, Past Life Healing and Reiki to help them solve their problems and learn to reduce negativity from life.

Through her workshops, she helps people learn to stay positive and give whatever type of work they do the maximum energy and succeed.

16. BRINDHA GOVINDAN – Import-Export Business Consultant

Brindha Govindan is the international supplier of Rice Spices, Bulk Sugar, Broker for Scrap Iron and Scrap Copper. She is the business consultant for the incorporation of Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, USA and UK companies and import-export business. She is a strong business development professional who completed her MBA from Madurai Kamraj University and is well versed in consumer products, sales, marketing analysis, international sales, branding and product marketing worldwide.

17.Dr. BAANI YADAV – Rally driver

dr Baani Yadav is a well-known name in Indian motorsport. She is the country’s top female rally driver and racer and the recipient of 32 rallies and 28 awards.

dr Baani is a two-time Asia Pacific Rally Cup – Indian Rally Championship winner, not only in the women’s class, but also placed first in the 2000 CC category, competing against male drivers.

She has twice been awarded National Awards by the FMSCI and was named “Best Sports Person” for the year 2017 by the Government of Haryana.

18. LOKENDRA MAHAVAR – Social Security Expert

Lokendra Mahavar is a Social Safeguard Expert at LEA Associates South Asia Private Limited and specializes in providing needs-based support in the implementation of community development programs to ensure early integration of social risk/impact considerations.

Overseeing the creation, implementation and monitoring of social impact plans. Manage the commissioning and execution of the social impact assessment perspective in close cooperation with the environmental experts and the project development teams. Coordination with government officials, land acquisition and land registry surveys.

19. RAVI RAMAN – Life Skills Coach

Mr. Ravi Raman from Nerul, Navi Mumbai is a life skills coach and soft skills trainer delivering sessions for leading organizations across India in the public and private sectors including multinationals in six languages, English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali , Tamil and Malayalam.

He has the honor of representing the Government of India on a number of occasions at the International Labor Conferences in Geneva, Switzerland. He was also elected as a member of the Worker Bureau, representing the Asia Pacific region, to speak on behalf of workers at the ILC Plenary Session in Geneva.

20.Dr. GAURAV SHARMA – Educator

The humanitarian initiative NEKI KI RAAH – an act of dedication to uplifting society was founded by Dr. Gaurav Sharma founded.

“The real meaning of life is to live for others” – is his life principle. dr Gaurav Sharma has worked tirelessly to help the underprivileged children to be empowered with the gifts of education and proper health care.

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