UNCP appoints Rebekah Revels Lowry as director of Alumni Affairs and Annual Giving


PEMBROKE – Rebekah Revels Lowry has been named Director of Alumni Affairs and Annual Giving at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

Lowry joins UNCP from Robeson Community College, where she has served as Director of Foundation and Development for the past 10 years, responsible for investing and paying student grants. While he was considering a new career opportunity, Lowry’s goal was to stay in college and move to a four-year institution.

“I loved working at the community college level. However, I wanted to expand and branch out into a university environment. It was very important to be able to stay in the community. I’ve always had a strong desire to work for UNC Pembroke, so I’m excited and grateful for this opportunity. “

She brings a decade of philanthropic and fundraising experience, board training and nurturing, alumni engagement, scholarship administration, foundation management, donor cultivation and development, and event planning. At UNCP, Lowry will be responsible for promoting, developing, and improving the university’s alumni programs and public relations.

Lowry’s philosophy of building an alumni base and developing a culture of engagement begins with connecting with students when they arrive as freshmen.

“You need to engage them once they become a student and be involved in their educational career from the start and stay involved throughout their process. By the time you graduate, you will be part of the alumni community, ”said Lowry.

As part of her vision for the Alumni Affairs Bureau, Lowry plans to develop more ways to incorporate the founding and storied history into his message.

“We must nurture and respect the heritage and history of the institution,” she said. “We also have to pay great attention to the growth of our university as a regional university.”

In her new role, Lowry plans to implement programs designed to empower alumni to assist in the admissions efforts through career counseling and professional development for UNCP graduates who become workers.

“Who better to help organize our fundraising efforts than our enthusiastic alumni base, which strengthens the traditions of giving and caring for the next generation of UNCP alums.”

Lowry, a two-time UNCP graduate, is no stranger to the university. She has a degree in English Teaching as a North Carolina Teaching Fellow and returned for her Masters in Public Administration, which she graduated in 2011. Lowry is from St. Pauls and is the mother of two children: Oakley, 7 and Olivia, 4. She is a member of the Alpha Pi Omega Sorority and a former Miss UNCP. She is a PhD student in education at Fayetteville State University and is expected to graduate in December.

She is an active member of the ward and serves on the North Carolina Resource Development Board, Lumberton Rotary Club Board, Southeastern Family Violence Center Board, and the Council for the Support of Educational Advancement.

In her new role, Lowry will serve as Executive Director of the 21-member Board of Directors of the UNCP Alumni Association.

Chris Peterkin, president of the Alumni Association board of directors, said he and his fellow board members are eager to work with Lowry, whose first day was May 17.

“She has already started meeting with various board members,” said Peterkin. “We are ready to work on keeping our alumni base strong and moving it further into the future.”

Lowry’s family ties with the UNCP are deep. Seeing her mother Deena later return to college and get a Masters degree had a significant impact on Lowry’s life.

“She had two jobs and went to school at night. When she walked on that stage, it had a huge impact on me. As I got older, I understood the power of education and the difference it can make in your life, ”said Lowry. “To be able to return as a member of the UNCP closes the circle of this new chapter in my life.”

Mark Locklear is a public communications specialist at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.


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