Updated: Master Class Magnus Carlsen


Hardly any world champion has managed to captivate chess lovers and the general public as much as Magnus Carlsen. The enormously talented Norwegian came out of nowhere on stage without having been systematically trained in the structures of a large chess nation like Russia, Ukraine or, more recently, China. Rather, its development had taken place in an almost completely private environment. When his father realized his son’s incredible talent, his father took him out of school, bought a mobile home and set off from tournament to tournament with the whole family. The rough diamond from Norway was gradually polished in countless tournament games and soon received invitations to top tournaments, where he demonstrated his incredibly deep understanding of chess even against the world’s best players.

Thanks to Carlsen’s style, the computer-aided opening preparation has moved into the background, the sporty side of chess is becoming more and more important – deep strategy, extensive endgame knowledge, energy and perseverance are the trump cards of the new chess megastar. In 2010 Carlsen was number one in the world rankings; In 2013 he also won the title of world champion, which he has successfully defended several times.

• Video running time: more than 11 hours (English)
• Interactive tactics test with video feedback
• With a database of all Carlsen
Games, tournament crosstabs, and more
Brief biography
• “Carlsen Powerbooks”: opening repertoire of the 16th world champion
as a variation tree
• Tactical training with 103 games: 218 training questions
• Additional video chapter by Daniel King

This DVD-ROM contains a Fritztrainer app for opening and viewing the Fritztrainer databases and videos. Fritz17 and ChessBase 15 (or Chess-Base Reader) users can also open these training DVDs after installing the content on the hard drive.

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