What is Wordle’s response today? #426 Notes for Friday August 19th


The answer to the Wordle puzzle today (August 19) is easy, especially if you are a regular book reader as the word is so often used in books to describe a character’s gesture.

This week we’ve seen both easy and hard puzzles in Wordle, and today’s puzzle falls into the former category as it’s a well-known word.

That being said, the letters that make up today’s word might be a bit tricky, as it lacks most of the commonly used vowels and it starts with a sound that we hardly fit into our initial guesses.

Now, with those initial warnings, move on to the next sections for more hints about Wordle words today.


Wordle Hints & Tips for Friday 19th August

In meaning, today’s word refers to a specific gesture we usually use to indicate that we either don’t know about something or don’t care. The gesture itself is usually performed by raising the shoulders. Sometimes you also raise your hands and your shoulders.

The gesture itself is probably more common than the word that describes it, meaning it’s possible you’ll know the gesture but not what it’s called unless you’re a native English speaker.

In books, this is a common word to express that people don’t care, describing their gesture instead of just saying it. An emoji of this gesture can also be found in social media applications. This is what the emoji looks like: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

As a final clue, the word begins with a “S‘ and ends with a ‘G“. That is certainly not difficult to answer. So take your time and think carefully before taking your last chance to guess it. And don’t let that initial less lead you elsewhere! You know that with a “S” at the beginning.

What is Wordle’s response today? (Friday, August 19)

The answer to today puzzle in Wordle is “PULL OUT“.

As mentioned, it was easy, but the lettering of the word makes it a little tricky to guess, especially when you know the position of the “H” in the word.


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