What the Telugu Clubhouse members are discussing


Thousands are flocking to the new audio-based social platform.

Like the other social media platforms, Clubhouse has paved its way into Telugu’s virtual rooms. The new audio-based social media platform is quickly attracting millennials and Gen-x-ers in Telugu; On a cue from their friends, thousands join the app and participate in a variety of discussions ranging from education, technology, social and political topics to music, cinema, fitness and finance.

Srikumar N, a recent graduate who joined Clubhouse and is involved in several discussions, says the platform is inclusive as each member can express their opinion. Speaking to TNM, he says: “All types of people can open up, the real-time language experience gives the participant the feeling that their opinion is being taken into account.”

Ashok D, a 24-year-old post-graduate, says that despite the meaningful conversations, there are certain rooms where any effort to have a critical discussion is prohibited. Ashok says, “Like the other social media platforms, this is already occupied by the elite who only care about” cool things. “However, Ashok says he’s glad people can work with like-minded people to create their own space to Follow up on topics that interest them.

Mercy Margaret, an academic and award winner from the Kendriya Sahithya Akademi, who moderates several discussions on literature, education and gender alongside politics, says: “No news channel devotes a full hour to women’s issues. The clubhouse fills this void. This app also addresses the loneliness, the discomfort caused by COVID-19, many talk and that’s a good thing. “

Mercy adds, “Yes, there are fewer female members, but the good thing is that they raise their voices. If not given space, they can open up their own discussion space. The common sense of the discussion depends on the moderators’ sensitivity. “

Another active clubhouse member, Kadali Sathyanarayana, a lyric poet and writer, believes Clubhouse is for everyone, unlike other social media platforms. She says, “It’s good when there is something great to discuss with people rather than random conference calls.

Kadali goes on to say that there is sometimes a certain “tone policing” – especially when men moderate or dominate the discussion.

Vashishta Bhargav, an English trainer and YouTuber, says Clubhouse for him is both learning and expanding his reach. Sudheer Kumar Thandra, a businessman from Jagtial, a small town, finds a description / conversion of the speeches into text more pleasant and understandable.

Jagannadh, also known as JagZ, is one of the founders of the Telugu tribe who are now home to over 18,000 people in less than 45 days. He says real-time conversations attract people to the platform because the emotions are easy to relate to. JagZ, who is a political advisor by profession, says, “Many people find solace in sharing things with strangers that they don’t meet in real life.”

He believes that clubhouse can be a better place when people are willing to listen to different opinions and people while maintaining etiquette. “People can’t get away with saying what they want or abuse others as they can be viewed and pulled out instantly.”


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