Yuki Tsunoda stunned by the impressive fitness program of his AlphaTauri boss Franz Tost: PlanetF1


Franz Tost is 44 years older than Yuki Tsunoda, but that doesn’t stop the AlphaTauri boss from showing off the driver when it comes to fitness.

The physical demands of a Formula One athlete can be very demanding, with drivers routinely experiencing Gs of up to four and five when braking. Not to mention the extreme heat of being in the car wearing layers of skin-tight, flame-retardant clothing.

Tsunoda was one who took a while to adjust to the demands of his new sport and became the star of an infamous episode of Netflix ‘Drive to Survive’ which criticized the English town of Milton Keynes for not having the best his home for the sport’s newest star.

But after moving to Italy to be closer to the team’s base, Tsunoda has matured and improved his fitness in the 2022 season – but that doesn’t mean he still can’t be shown off by his 66-year-old boss.

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Tsunoda told The Race in March that Tost was in better shape than him and if the Japanese rider’s recent comments are any indication, that fact hasn’t changed.

“He runs 10 kilometers at 5:30 a.m. in the morning, I’ve never done that before,” the AlphaTauri driver told Motorsport-total.com. “How he trains every day, how much he puts into his training, that really impressed me. I don’t know how old he is, around 60 years old (Tost is 66).

“I’m trying to change my body. Last year, fitness was kind of a constraint. So I really focus on that. The schedule is completely different from previous years – how I’m spending the off-season and I’m feeling a lot better.”

Tsunoda’s efforts did not go unnoticed as Tost previously said a bit of naivety about fitness is natural for new F1 drivers but the 22-year-old is now on the right track.

“He’s a young driver who comes into Formula 1 totally taken by surprise by the forces that Formula 1 puts him under,” said Tost.

“It’s braking, fast corners, slow corners with right-left forces against the neck and so on. But Yuki was fit last year or he wouldn’t have finished ninth in Bahrain. But of course, like all the other young drivers, he noticed that you need to train more.”

Tsunoda made the move from England to Italy in the middle of his rookie season and has credited his inability to order from UberEats as a key reason for his fitness improvement.

“Yuki, he came to Faenza and his trainer was with him,” Tost said.

“He had to train twice a day, morning and afternoon, until it was very good. Physical fitness improves through training. So I think Yuki is in very good shape this year.

“But again, he wasn’t that bad last year, it’s just a newcomer in Formula 1 – and you can ask everyone else – that’s something new.”


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